Leaving it all behind . . .

I find myself thinking quite a lot everyday about our forthcoming year we will spend in New Zealand. One idea that resonates quite strongly is the idea of ‘leaving it all behind’. Of course this has many meanings, and I find myself thinking through both what we will be leaving behind but also what we have to look forward to.

For me, family is so important, and my family mean everything to me. I have spent some time over the last few days with my Mum (who, as a teacher, is on school holidays), which has been really lovely. Next week I am off to Wembley to watch an Olympic football game with my Dad. These times are really special to me. So leaving behind my parents, and not being near them or able to spend time with them will be really difficult. Although, my sister is in Australia and currently living in Sydney and so I will be nearer her and hopefully able to spend some time with her while we are away. And the fantastic invention of technology such as Viber and Skype will mean I can speak to and ‘see’ my parents whenever I wish!

As I am currently packing to move house shortly I reflect on material possessions I will leave behind – things that feel important when this is your whole world – such as our lovely comfy sofa, my clothes, my sentimental collection of cuddly toys, my photo/souvenir albums etc. I find though that de-cluttering can feel really good, and leaving behind things that are purely material possessions and do not actually make us who we are. I will still have the thoughts and memories connected with these items and so much more, and that is what matters.

I am reflecting on other things like how beautiful it is where I live – in the wonderful city of Bath in the UK – and how I will leave it all behind, along with my quaint home-town of Frome and its stunning surrounding countryside. But then I think how much New Zealand has to offer, how many places we have not yet seen, and how much fun me and my husband will have exploring together.

So I am leaving it all behind (at least for a year anyway!), but reflecting on this positively and looking forward to the exciting adventure to come.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving it all behind . . .

  1. It sounds like you are getting sentimental my dear Nic. I think this is an amazing opportunity and hope you will be able to blog while you are away and see your photos of the amazing country.

    • I am! Being too sentimental is definitely one of my main flaws! Thanks though. I have also been following your blog with interest and hope all is going well x x

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