The power of the mix CD/playlist!

As a massive fan of music I am always making playlists and mix CDs of my favourite artists and songs. I always make a new list up at least once a month and enjoy making them for family members and friends. In relation to travel in particular though is where I think the mix playlist comes into its own! I feel that music can really be at the heart and soul of a holiday or travel adventure and can also change to fit and suit a certain mood. Especially if you have a fair amount of time in the car on your journey, having the right music really enhances the trip and also in my experience makes it very personal and memorable. On mine and my husband’s trip to Iceland for example last year we drove around the whole of the country in 6 days and actually loved spending time in the car due to the quality of the mix CDs I had made! We now always think of that trip when we hear certain songs or artists.

Artists I am really enjoying listening to at the moment include Dry The River, First Aid Kit, Ben Howard, Regina Spektor, Smoke Fairies, Greg Laswell, Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Kate Walsh and Sleeping at Last amongst many many others.

So for our forthcoming New Zealand adventure – which we leave for 6 weeks on Saturday – I am already thinking about and planning which songs and artists I can use on my mix playlists and can’t wait to indulge in my passion for music whilst on the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂

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