A planned week in the city








I still can’t actually believe that we leave for a year in New Zealand 2 WEEKS ON SATURDAY!! It has again been quite a while since I posted but life has very much taken over in the last few weeks. We have however found time to book our 8 night stay in Auckland once we have finished our month ‘holiday’. We wanted a base in Auckland once we come back from Great Barrier Island to enable us to do lots of practical things like setting up our bank account and potentially start looking for work. We spent a huge amount of time researching where would be best to stay in Auckland and comparing many different places and prices. Being right in the city centre was important to us, and a place with reliable internet that had good reviews on Trip advisor (our bible when it comes to deciding where to stay!). We decided in the end on the Celestion Waldorf Apartments and secured a great advance rate price for 8 nights. Read the fab reviews here

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3 thoughts on “A planned week in the city

  1. Lucky you!! What will you be doing there??

  2. In New Zealand? We are planning to spend the year doing a mixture of work and travel and exploring the country. In Auckland – we plan to spend the week doing all the practical bits for our year living over there and of course exploring the sights of the city 🙂

  3. Elaine Kinnie

    It looks lovely x

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