From Frome to Hanmer Springs

Days 1-3: From Frome to Hanmer Springs (Sat 22nd to Mon 24th Sept)

We have arrived in Hanmer Springs, which is a lovely place! We are staying in THE most beautiful house with views over the mountains and hills. It really is such a lovely house (and only affordable because we paid for 2 nights and got the third night free!) and we feel really at home already. 

We haven’t slept properly since Saturday evening but have coped surprisingly well. The flights were pretty smooth and Singapore Airlines were great. I would recommend the fruit platter as a good alternative if you are fussy about airline food as it was really nice but I was quite sick of fruit after having 4 meals of it on the two flights! The desserts we had also included delicious chocolate ice cream and a chocolate truffle (these things are important). Singapore airport was nice, it was quite relaxing and fairly quiet, so we were able to easily kill our 5 and 1/2 hour wait time in between flights.

Arriving in Christchurch the weather was lovely and we picked up our hire car from Hertz – a black Barina Spark (a bit like a Corsa) and then visited Countdown for food on route to Hanmer Springs.  

Here are a few more pictures of the house we are staying in, and the view from our balcony:

After spending a relaxing afternoon chilling in our house/Hanmer we enjoyed a nice walk into town (it is still clearly off-season here as it is very quiet) and a trip to Saints Cafe for food (which in contrast was nice and lively with a good atmosphere – perhaps it was the place to be!).

We are heading to the thermal pools tomorrow which should be nice and relaxing.

Day 3 highlights:

  • Befriending a very strange (but nice!) young man in the car park of Countdown (a supermarket) who stopped to chat with us and decided to share random facts about himself (he was born in 1984 and was half Maori etc. etc.!) – being very tired from all the travelling this seemed quite surreal!
  • The lovely New Zealanders we have already met who have been so friendly.
  • The drive from Christchurch and within minutes being surrounded by stunning scenery.
  • Arriving at our amazing holiday house with such lovely views.
  • Enjoying a nice pizza at a lovely cafe called the Saints Cafe here in Hanmer.
  • Spotting what we thought was a huge eruption at a mountain nearby (we took pictures!) and after worrying that we might have to evacuate (which was weirdly exciting!), calming down and as it calmed down we realised that it may have been a fire and hoped all was ok. It was really strange though as there was no mention on the news or anything (we checked on Teletext – yes they still have teletext here!), so perhaps it is a common occurrence!

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One thought on “From Frome to Hanmer Springs

  1. Elaine Kinnie

    Fantastic house, wonderful views what a great start to your holiday. Xxx

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