A hideaway in Golden Bay

I am writing this from our unique accommodation – ‘Little Greenie’ – part of the Golden Bay Hideaway (and posting at a later date from a small library in Takaka). Have a read here if you are interested in reading more but basically it is the most energy efficient house in New Zealand and is certainly different! We are so glad we came here though because we will never stay anywhere else like it. The road to get to it is quite crazy – the main road itself is made up of warning signs about the crumbling road and orange barriers sectioning off the edge of the cliff where the road has crumbled! There is a pic below. Often this results in a single track road around blind corners. Then it is about 3kms along a gravel track off the main road to the start of the road up to our accommodation. The road up is very gravelly, and steep and narrow – but the chances of meeting anyone are slim I guess because we are very isolated! Arriving at the house we are high up overlooking Wainui Bay in a very unique location. There is not another house anywhere to be seen. There is even an outside bath (we haven’t tried it yet!). The features of the house that make it so environmentally friendly include a self-sufficient heating system using solar power – a great idea although the house is very hot and heated by the sun! The inside temperature is currently 28.8 degrees celsius when it is 19 degrees celsius outside! But very clever nonetheless. There is also a composting toilet (don’t ask!) – again a very good idea for the environment but not completely practical for me who likes the comforts of home! It is a matter of sit down and don’t look down really! We saw the sun set yesterday from our stunning location, and also star gazed when it was dark as there were loads of stars to see – just perfect.

The house really is incredible and anyone coming to this part of NZ should definitely stay here for the experience and the memories – we certainly won’t forget it.

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4 thoughts on “A hideaway in Golden Bay

  1. Elise

    We will be staying at Little Greenie in December. Does the house cool off in the evenings so that it is not too hot to sleep?

    • I replied to your other comment and just saw this one! Little Greenie is awesome and you will love it – it’s just different! When the sun goes down it does cool off a little so you should be fine sleeping. It is very close to Wainui Falls too, which is good – but as my post about this shows a sense of adventure is needed for this walk! Have a great time!

      • Elise

        Thanks! Saw your comment on how warm it was at little greenie and was worried that in summer it might be uncomfortable. Lots of places already booked for end of december but if little greenie was too hot i found a place on kina peninsula (the waters?) close to motueka Sounds like your trip was fabulous I stumbled on your blog and really enjoying it. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

      • We didn’t stay there in the summer so it is difficult to judge, but the sun heating up the house did make it quite hot for us. It is hard to say what ‘too hot’ is for you as it depends what heat you are used to! I think Little Greenie is worth it though for the experience and you can cool off in the outside bath! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog and feel free to get in touch if I can help with anything else. πŸ™‚

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