Glacier country

Saturday 6th October: Fox Glacier

A loud clap of thunder woke us this morning as we then listened to heavy hail fall onto our skylight in our cosy apartment at Fox Glacier Lodge. We knew from this moment that it wasn’t ideal weather for our Glacier hike today!! The bad weather had really come in and the local people even said it was quite freak weather for this part of the country. I think quite a bit of the South island had been hit by the bad weather. It was just bad luck and we decided it wasn’t the best idea to do the hike and weren’t too disappointed as we had been lucky enough to do a heli hike on Franz Josef glacier in 2006. We took a wonderful walk to Lake Matheson – where the reflection would have been perfect on a perfect day but was still gorgeous nonetheless! We also enjoyed a lovely lunch at Cafe Neve. In the afternoon we took a short drive and brilliant walk to the glacier face (just as a massive wind and hail storm hit!). We got within 200m of the glacier which was great. We also saw a kea in the car park as we left which was cool.

We finished off the day with an eventful drive to Gillespie’s beach – a 50km round trip in a tiny car on a rough gravel and very windy road! It was a lovely beach though – just incredibly windy but the waves were awesome 🙂 The road to Queenstown awaits tomorrow!


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5 thoughts on “Glacier country

  1. Wow, amazing shots. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Elaine Kinnie

    Fantastic photos. Some of these will be great to use at school when I do Glaciation, if that is ok with you xxxxxxxx

    • nicolakbarnard

      Thanks – of course you can use them Mum – glad they will be helpful! xxx 🙂

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