The magnificent Mount Cook

Friday 19th October: AM Mount Cook to Lake Tekapo

Our wish came true this morning and we awoke to bright blue sky and a perfect view of Mount Cook (see pic to the left)!  It had also snowed overnight so there was loads of snow on the mountains and it looked really beautiful. We decided to change our Glacier Explorers boat trip time to get on the earlier one at 9.30am (instead of 11.00am) to make the most of the good weather. After breakfast we checked in for our trip and boarded a coach to take us out towards the Tasman Glacier lake. We then took a 15 minute walk from the car park with a small group of others to the Tasman Glacier lake. The Tasman Glacier is the largest glacier in New Zealand and pretty spectacular! See more photos in my gallery below. We were separated into smaller groups and allocated guides – ours were named Duncan and Claire and were great guides. We boarded our small boat onto the lake and set off on our boat trip. We were out on the lake for around an hour and had a fantastic time. We got really close to the icebergs in the lake – so we could touch them, and were also able to touch and hold small sections of ice that had broken off the icebergs – which were like crystals. Claire was very informative giving us loads of interesting info about the glacier. The weather was simply perfect and the views were incredible. We also got within a few 100 metres (no closer due to safety reasons!) of the glacier face whilst on the boat, which was wonderful to see. The trip flew by all too quickly but we really enjoyed our time and soon headed back to shore for the short walk and bus journey back to the hotel. Following lunch at the Sir Edmund Hilary alpine cafe we sadly left Mount Cook – travelling back along the beautiful Lake Pukaki in lovely sunshine (see a couple of pics below). I will post separately about the rest of the day on a Lake Tekapo post.

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6 thoughts on “The magnificent Mount Cook

  1. What an amazing, amazing post! these snowy photos are really stunning (:

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