3743 kilometres (2326 miles) completed!

Saturday 20th October and Sunday 21st October: Lake Tekapo to Auckland

3 weeks and 5 days ago we arrived in Christchurch in New Zealand and 3,743 kilometres later we were back in Christchurch dropping off our little car – nicked ‘Barry’ the Barina Spark. He (Barry) had done so well to get us around the whole off the South island, and to have coped with some of the roads and situations he was put in! We were really sad to leave South Island and watched the beautiful mountains disappear behind us on Saturday as we drove from Lake Tekapo to Christchurch airport to catch our flight. It was with a heavy heart that we dropped Barry off back at Hertz and boarded our flight to Auckland. From the airport we got the Airport Express bus, which dropped us off at Auckland Uni and we then walked to our accommodation at Quest at Carlaw park. Sunday was spent exploring Auckland. There was an international triathlon on which we saw different bits of as the cyclists and runners passed us – but this also meant many of the roads closed and a lot of the walkways were restricted so this did mean exploring was a little more difficult! We still managed to explore the harbour and wharfs and Queen’s street and visited Auckland i-site. Having visited Auckland back in 2010 we did a lot of the more touristy things then, and knowing we have at least a week in Auckland when we return from Great Barrier Island we decided to take it easy today. Enjoying a nice pizza from Pizza Fresco and a trip to Countdown for supplies for the Barrier we completed a good day in Auckland, looking forward to the adventure ahead.

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