Mission (Bay) Impossible!

Sunday 28th October

We have had quite an eventful day in Mission Bay today! No we didn’t spot Tom Cruise but were shot at (more later!) and walked almost a marathon to get to Mission Bay!

It was a rather ordinary Sunday morning and we took the bus from the Britomart transport centre but as we approached the Mission Bay vicinity we were informed by the bus driver that the main road to Mission Bay was shut due to an Auckland marathon and that we would be dropped off some distance from Mission Bay and would have to walk! After undertaking this rather long walk we arrived at Mission Bay – and it was beautiful! The beach was lovely and it has a really nice feel to the area. There is a gorgeous park with a fountain right next to the beach. There is also a row of nice cafes and restaurants set back from the beach along the road. We spent some time in the lovely sunshine on the beach. We ate lunch at John’s favourite NZ food place – BurgerFuel! It is quite a cult food place over here – well known for it’s healthier than usual ‘fast food’. We also treated ourselves to an icecream from the equally popular Movenpick – which was some of the nicest ice cream I have tasted. Heading for the bus stop we decided to take the bus back to Auckland (this time from the usual bus stop as the road was now open). Whilst aboard the bus on the way back it seems the bus was shot at twice!!

We heard two huge ‘cracks’ while travelling on the bus and assume rocks had possibly been flicked up onto the glass but on closer inspection and discussion with the bus driver and passengers there appeared to be two bullet holes in the glass.

As there were no bullets visible and no one had been hurt John thought it might have been an air rifle. But it was clear that we were targeted but someone!ย The front passenger door was shot and begun to completely shatter as the bus continued its journey. One of the side windows was also shot, split into hundreds of tiny cracks but did not shatter by the time we reached our final destination (luckily not far away!). We were a little shaken up but escaped unhurt and had really enjoyed our time at Mission Bay! A quiet evening in watching Survivor on the TV beckons!

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4 thoughts on “Mission (Bay) Impossible!

  1. Elaine Kinnie

    Mission Bay looks beautiful and sort of on the doorstep. Glad you were ok after the bus incident !!!!!!!

  2. Elise

    Wow – how scary!!! Enjoying your blogs.

  3. It was! Glad you are enjoying my blog and postings and thanks for visiting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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