Mumford and Sons put on a show in Auckland!

Friday 2nd November: Mumford and Sons at the Vector Arena

We went to see Mumford and Sons play – their first gig in New Zealand – last Friday at the Vector arena and had an amazing time! Despite being huge fans me and my husband had never managed to get to see them in the UK so felt really lucky their visit coincided with our stay in Auckland. Our accommodation was just down the road from the Vector Arena and it took a mere 8 minutes from leaving our sofa in our apartment to sitting in our seats in the arena! The arena is really nice with a nice grassy area around outside with quite a few places inside to buy food and drink if you wish. We bought some water and sat around for a bit before heading in to find our seats. We weren’t early enough to see Rodney Fisher the first support, but it was Sarah Blasko (an Aussie) who was on second we were really keen to see. Being a fan of her music I was really keen to see her live – again my first time. And she didn’t disappoint! Her voice sounded absolutely fantastic live – such a rich tone to it. She also seemed really sweet, constantly thanking the crowd for their support. We were treated to around 50 minutes of her music too which was pure delight. After a short break Mumford were on next and you could feel the excitement and anticipation building from the crowd. When the time finally came Mumford and Sons walked on stage to a huge roar and proceeded to play for around 1 hour 45 minutes. The gig was incredible and they were really outstanding live. Their voices sounded so impressive and they had brought their supporting band with them who really created a full and brilliant sound. They played all the old favourites and quite a few from their stunning new album ‘Babel’ as well. The crowd seemed to be full of real fans and most people were singing along to every word. Their encore was spectacular too – leaving the ever-popular ‘The Cave’ until last. The set looked great as well with artistic fairy lights draped around the arena. The gig was over all too soon, as I have could have listened for hours more, but it really was a night to remember!

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One thought on “Mumford and Sons put on a show in Auckland!

  1. Elaine Kinnie

    Glad you had such a wonderful time. Really jealous it sounds as if they were amazing 🙂

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