A day at Auckland zoo (and more amazing little blue penguins!)

Sunday 4th November: Auckland Zoo

Just a quick post this one as I am behind with my blogging, but wanted to post retrospectively with some pictures of our trip to Auckland Zoo. It was easy to get to without a car as we just hopped on the bus and hopped off the other side – with a short walk to the Zoo entrance. $25 each later we were inside the zoo and we had a really great day! Our favourite animals we saw were the amazing little blue penguins, the spider monkeys (who we saw being fed), the orangutans, the kiwis, the meerkats and the keas (of which John took some great ‘in flight’ photos). We were also lucky enough to come across an elephant being taken for a walk just around the park where all the people were – it was funny to see! The zoo was really big and there were loads of different animals to see. We felt that, unlike some zoos, the animals had loads of space and wherever possible they were in big open spaces without bars or glass, but instead separated by water etc. We got to meet a lovely cockatoo called Captain, who answered ‘Hello’ when you said hello to him, but being an Aussie himself only seemed to answer Aussies back – which was hilarious! A macaw that was there did take a liking to John though and answered a rather British ‘Ello!’ back to John 🙂 The food options were also good too with the Darwin cafe offering delicious pizza by the slice. Our highlight had to be seeing the little blue penguins (who we had only seen at night in Oamaru coming in off the water). They were happily swimming and waddling around their area in the zoo and I was lucky enough to get some good pictures of them. Overall we had a really great day out at the zoo!

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2 thoughts on “A day at Auckland zoo (and more amazing little blue penguins!)

  1. As a lover of animals and good zoos that I travel around the world to visit, it looks like this is a good one and that you both enjoyed yourself. Great pictures!

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