Coldplay come to Auckland!

Saturday 10th November: Coldplay gig in Auckland

And what an incredible show they put on! Being a massive Coldplay fan I was really excited to hear they would be playing in Auckland – especially as they hadn’t been here in years. Having already seen them 4 times before in the UK I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether the show could top the most recent time I saw them at Wembley Stadium – but it certainly did! More about that to follow . . .

My sister, Kat – currently living in Sydney – came over to Auckland to spend the weekend with us and we had a great time. She arrived on Friday afternoon and we, along with John, enjoyed a lovely meal at Jar Tar. There was a British guy there playing his guitar and singing who was pretty good! This was followed by a nice walk along to the harbour front by ‘The Cloud’. On Saturday we checked out of the apartment we were staying in to check in at our posh hotel – Stamford Plaza. Finding accommodation for this busy night in Auckland was tough but we had lucked out in booking into the Stamford Plaza – under their “Celebration Plus’ package! The hotel was really impressive with great customer service and the extras as part of the package were great (including robes to take home, slippers, luxury toiletries and headbands!). The high tea provided free was the best part of all and (after going out for a nice breakfast in the morning) we really enjoyed this in the afternoon – we were presented with a lovely selection of sweets, cakes and sandwiches, free hot drinks and bubbly. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon! We headed to the Britomart station to catch the train to Mount Smart Stadium. We got free travel included with our tickets which was good and getting the train there was pretty smooth. The train took about half an hour and it took about 20 minutes to walk to the stadium from the station. Kat and myself decided to buy souvenir Coldplay tshirts to remember the occasion. We had arrived early and enjoyed watching the support acts – The Pierces and Temper Trap.

Coldplay came on stage about 9pm and we were in for a real treat. The roar of the crowd greeted them and they were on brilliant form. Chris was as charming as ever and they played the gig of their lives! The fireworks that accompanied a couple of the songs were outstanding. They had clearly put so much effort into the show itself, and the addition of giving every person a different coloured wristband on arrival which then lit up at various arranged times during the show was genius! The sight of watching all the flickering colours all around the stadium was unforgettable. Other extras such as multi-coloured and multi-shaped confetti being sprayed over the crowd during certain songs also just looked stunning. Overall we sang our hearts our throughout and had a really memorable time.

The only part of the day that could have been improved was the exit from the stadium, and having been to loads of football matches back in the UK I have seen this done well! Everyone was ushered out one tiny corner and everyone then joined an incredibly long queue that spread basically all the way back to the station!! The organisation of this part of the day just seemed very poor, and that they could just not deal with this many people. However, we did not let it dampen our spirits and reminisced about the concert all the way back to the station. We also received a very happy text message from my parents which gave us a much needed boost after queuing for hours (more about that on another post!).

After arriving back at the hotel we fell asleep dreaming of Chris and the band. Our Sunday was a lovely relaxing day which included a lovely breakfast at the hotel (again included free as part our package!), enjoying a nice meal at Burger Fuel, ice cream at Movenpick and watching The Hunger Games together after checking back in to our apartment at Celestion Waldorf (which had become ‘home’) earlier in the day. As John headed off to work on Monday Kat and myself enjoyed a nice breakfast and a good chat, while she also helped me with my business start up idea (again, more to come on another post!) which was great. We then sadly said goodbye to each other as she hopped onboard the bus to the airport. I was sad to see her go but the weekend was incredible and a really memorable one!


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3 thoughts on “Coldplay come to Auckland!

  1. Elaine Kinnie

    Wonderful photos, wonderful memories for you. Sounds as though you had the most amazing time 🙂

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