Wonderful Waiheke

Saturday December 1st – Spending the official start of summer on Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island

Arriving at Waiheke IslandWhat a wonderful way to spend the first official day of summer over here in New Zealand – on the wonderful Waiheke Island! I am posting this retrospectively about the time we spent on Waiheke a few weeks ago. We took the ferry from Auckland ferry terminal (costing $35 each – but well worth the cost!) and taking about 40 minutes. It was a lovely ferry ride, with gorgeous views all around of Auckland’s CBD, Devonport and other scenery. There were loads of lovely little boats out fishing and the time flew by. On arrival we decided we wanted to do our own thing on Waiheke and explore. The alternative was getting on a bus with a whole group of others and being driven round on a ‘tour’. Those who know us know we try and avoid tours where possible and really prefer to explore as much as we can and have our own adventures! So we decided on a loop walk to see some of Waiheke’s highlights and off the beaten track parts.

Owhanake Bay 3

So we took a walk from Matiatia bay, where the ferry comes in and headed to Owhanake bay. We climbed up high to begin (as the path round by the coast was only accessible at high tide) and soon experienced wonderful views. We could see Rangitoto and Auckland’s CBD. What was lovely is that straight away as people hired cars and got on the bus, we walked a short distance and were immediately in the middle of beauty with peace and quiet – it was great! We further explored and really enjoyed the beauty of Owhanake bay. We then headed to Fossil bay which was deserted and very quiet. Climbing higher again we had yet more sweeping views of the surrounding area. This walk took us along the coast and through vineyards, as we arrived at Oneroa beach. Here we took a nice walk along the beach – again really quiet despite being a Saturday! There was some kind of Christmas event going on in Oneroa so it was pretty busy but we found a lovely fish and chip shop and had some food here overlooking the beach. We then headed back to the ferry terminal to take the 3pm ferry home.

Oneroa Beach 2It really is an incredibly beautiful island and I would recommend anyone visiting Auckland should definitely take a trip here – for as long as you can fit into your itinerary! It is also quite a popular place for commuters who work in Auckland to live, as they get the gorgeous beaches and relaxed lifestyle on Waiheke but can work and earn money in the city. Apparently houses are pretty reasonable on the island too! Who knows, it may even become a future option me and John, depending on where we end up 🙂 Verdict on Waiheke – one of Auckland’s real highlights, and a real chance to explore!

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3 thoughts on “Wonderful Waiheke

  1. You picked a great day for it. Last time I went to Waiheke it was perfect like that too.

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