A month in Queenstown – living the dream!

Tuesday 8th January – Tuesday 5th February: Queenstown

From the top of Queenstown Hill

IMG_9062So the next part of our adventure is upon us. Following our travels over Christmas and New Year we are now two weeks into spending a month in Queenstown. Before Christmas John arranged with the company he had been working for in Auckland to work from home for a month. We decided it would be brilliant to be able to live in Queenstown and work from home with a lake view (a dream of ours!). So we made it happen! I researched places to stay and as our previous experience in Auckland showed the only option was a reduced nightly rental at apartment (as longer stay places required a minimum of 6 months). Rainbow taken from apartmentWe settled on Oaks Shores apartments, and on arrival at Queenstown we were allocated (in our view) one of the best rooms in the whole complex! We are on level 5 right on the lake front with a huge balcony – see photograph. The apartment itself is also really large with a full kitchen and laundry facilities – perfect for a month-long stay.

We have been working in the days on both our jobs – John on his IT contract work, and I am continuing work on setting up my travel consultancy business (Blue Penguin Travel). Yet we have also tried to make the most of all of our time here, as we know we are really lucky to be living the dream.

Having already been up on the gondola and visited the kiwi park a few times before we were hoping to do some different things in Queenstown. Things we have done so far (two weeks in to our stay):

IMG_9368We climbed Queenstown Hill – we walked to the summit (906m) all the way from our apartment on Oaks Shores. It was a long way (just getting to the start of the walk from there) and then climbed all the way up. The views were incredible – and you had a full 360 degree panorama. It was definitely worth the walk up there!

Mini golf in QueenstownWe played mini golf – I used my free game voucher I got from when we played over Christmas (for getting a hole in one one the last hole) and we really enjoyed playing again. It’s a great course and John won!



IMG_9569We walked around Lake Hayes – we drove up to Lake Hayes, parked at Lake Hayes pavillion, which is just off the SH6 and spent a few hours walking around the lake. The walk is just over 7km long. The majority of the walk is flat, with a few climbs and drops. There are some benches around the lake too and lots of nice places for a picnic spot.

IMG_9708We drove up to Coronet Peak – we took this scenic drive up to the popular ski resort (currently shut at the moment) for amazing views over Queenstown and the surrounding area. The drive up there is pretty steep but the views are brilliant and it is really worth it. Coming back down the views are even better as the landscape stretches out in front of you.

Arrowtown Chinese SettlementWe visited Arrowtown – John ate one of Arrowtown Bakery’s famous pies and we took a lovely walk around the old Chinese settlement.




IMG_9843We visited Kingston – and were very lucky to see the steam train arrive at the station just as we arrived at Kingston. It is a beautiful little town right at the end of Lake Wakatipu.


  • We drove to Glenorchy and spent time there – the drive is one of our favourites, and we also love to stop at Wisons Bay along the way.
  • We ate at Winnies – a favourite place of ours where the pizza is delicious!
  • We enjoyed a nice ice cream on the waterfront from Patagonias.
  • We ate fish and chips from British fish and chip shop ‘PJs’.
  • We also walked Frankton arm walkway – this is a common walk for us now as it takes us from our apartment into town.

With another two weeks left in Queenstown we are looking forward to exploring more, having more adventures and continuing to live the dream! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A month in Queenstown – living the dream!

  1. New Zealand has some truly breathtaking views! Happy travels!

  2. Queenstown was the best 4 months I spent in New Zealand. You can’t fail to enjoy it! Great post 🙂

  3. What about Fergburger or jumping at Nevis?? 🙂

    • I strangely don’t like burgers (weird I know!) but my husband definitely plans to go to Fergburger before we leave – we are just trying to pick a quieter time. And I have not braved the bungy but am technically under optician’s orders (very bad eyesight!) not to – so have a good excuse! 🙂

      • I think they had burgers that weren’t beef – like a tofu one if I remember correctly. They definitely have chicken too. And best to mind the doc’s orders as you don’t want to risk something like retinal detachment, which could ruin your entire trip . . . especially for bungy jumping. For skydiving? Eh, go for it 😉

  4. Thanks for the tip about the burgers – I will have a look when we go. Very true about the doc’s orders, as that is what they said could happen. I don’t have an excuse for sky diving other than that it is pretty expensive and I am pretty scared!! 🙂

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