Moke Lake – what a start to our Spaceship adventure!

Day 1 – Moke Lake


We have arrived in space! Yesterday we flew down from Auckland to Queenstown, jumped on the super shuttle and were dropped off at the Spaceship depot (courtesy of a free transfer from Spaceships) at Qbox in Queenstown. On arrival the two women that greeted us were incredibly friendly and helpful. They dealt with us quickly and efficiently and were really welcoming. We sorted out all the paperwork and Jo showed us around the spaceship – we had hired a Beta 2 Berth model and it looked awesome! I have never camped before so asked lots of questions and she answered everything well. We were really impressed with the service we received on pickup and it made the perfect start to our spaceship adventure.

IMG_1056Soon we were on our way, and we headed for our favourite spot beside Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown – on Park street. We also rented a holiday house right at this spot over Christmas with my family so it has extra special meaning. We then headed into Queenstown for a lovely meal at Winnies (as always!) before doing a few bits of shopping both in Queenstown and at New World to get a few bits of food. We then drove up from Queenstown to Moke Lake. The road up from the road to Glenorchy is mostly gravel (for about 5 or 6 kilometres) and is narrow and windy, but soon brought us to the most stunning location – Moke Lake. We parked up at the DOC campsite in a good spot. We spent time just relaxing and taking in the beauty and serenity. We also had a lovely picnic tea right by the lake in the one of the most beautiful spots we have been to.

IMG_1145We had fun setting up the bed in the spaceship – it certainly is compact! But they have thought about it well, and the bed is a good size (even without using the outside option) and you can fit no problem. It was rather chilly for us – as the temperature dropped quickly outside. We had purchased two sleeping bags earlier in the day which we made good use of, along with the duvet they had supplied. When we woke up the temperature inside the spaceship was 0.2 degrees celcius! When we checked the outside temp it was -2! A frost covered the ground and the spaceships was pretty icey (but we soon warmed it up by running the engine). We then set off for a walk round part of the lake as we watched the mist rolling across the lake and mountains. It has been an eventful but wonderful first day and night with lots more adventures to come.

Where we stayed in our Spaceship: Moke Lake DOC Camp ground (cost $6 per adult). There are long drop toilets (which were kept very clean and tidy) and stream water available from 2 sinks. The camp is in an amazing location and very well kept.

Where we spent time: Queenstown and Moke Lake

Where we are going next: Te Anau.

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6 thoughts on “Moke Lake – what a start to our Spaceship adventure!

  1. Hello Nicola! You have a great blog filled with lovely writing and beautiful photos! I will be on the look out for your next post!

    • Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I am really pleased you like my blog, and I absolutely love taking photos of all the amazing places we are visiting – and it is nice to know others can appreciate them too. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for following my journey Nicola, it means a lot!! I love reading about your journey, I have never been to New Zealand and your stories really make me want to go!! Enjoy your adventure!!

      • No problem. Thanks so much for your kind words. We are in our spaceship for a total of 9 weeks (7 weeks left!) and will be in New Zealand until the end of August so have many more adventures to come. You should definitely come to New Zealand – it is an AMAZING country. I have actually set up my own company called Blue Penguin Travel which helps people have their own amazing New Zealand adventures. Check out my website for more info if you are interested and thanks again for following πŸ™‚

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