The appeal of Te Anau

Sunset at Te Anau

Sunset at Te Anau

Fun in Te Anau!

Fun in Te Anau!

We spent a few days in Te Anau recently and really enjoyed our time there. It wasn’t one of our favourite places last time around, but this time we actually really loved spending time there – including a magical trip to Milford Sound I have already written about. I have posted below in my gallery a few pics of Te Anau – but they don’t really do it justice – it is such a beautiful lake. I wrote about visiting Lake Mistletoe on my last blog post, so there are a few photos of that. We also spent time in the evening in Te Anau watching the sunset, and having fun with a funny fish photo thing – see pics! We also enjoyed a lovely pizza at Ristorante Pizzeria Da’ Toni – where the service was lovely and friendly and the food was delicious. We also did a bit of shopping in a great shop called Kiwi Country – where I bought a really nice pure wool jumper (on behalf of my parents as a gift for a my 30th birthday which is in a few weeks!). We had a lovely chat with a woman there who was interested in our travels and had also been to the UK 6 times!

Te Anau is usually just seen as the departure point for trips to the sound – and of course it is that – but it is also a lot more. Taking a walk along the lake, or even spending a few days relaxing and taking in its beauty and quaint appeal are really worth it.

Next stop Catlins!

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