Spaceship swap – goodbye Mysteron, hello Draco!

Mysteron meet Draco

Mysteron meet Draco

It was a difficult day, but also an exciting one! So now well into our Spaceship – what we call our camper-car – adventure, I will take you back to May 5th (yes I am posting retrospectively again!) we headed to Qbox in Queenstown (their spaceship depot) to swap one spaceship for another – both are photographed above. Due to the fact that we had covered so many kilometres Mysteron just needed a good old service so we were trading him in for a different spaceship – this one called Draco! I’m sure everyone reading this knows Draco is named after Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter’s nemesis 🙂 We were very sad to see Mysteron go – for anyone that doesn’t know Mysteron is named after a race of aliens from Captain Scarlett and as his namesake is rather random we affectionately named him ‘Ron’ instead! We had some wonderful memories in Ron and he had taken us to some amazing places. With just over 3800 kilometres on him in just over a month he had served us well. So I am posting one of our favourite photos of Ron on the way up to Mount Cook as we wish him goodbye:

Goodbye Ron

Goodbye Ron

And say hello to Draco – who we are sure will also take us on many more amazing adventures!

Hello Draco!

Hello Draco!

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2 thoughts on “Spaceship swap – goodbye Mysteron, hello Draco!

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