An amazing visit to see Manukura the white kiwi!

Manukura the amazing white kiwi

Manukura the amazing white kiwi

No your eyes do not deceive you – this is Manukura – an amazing white kiwi! We had read about her before coming and had been really excited about our visit – and it was wonderful to see her! She is housed at the Pukaha Mount Bruce wildlife centre north of Masterton on the North island. It is run by the Department of Conservation (DOC) so is government funded and its main aim is taking care of NZ’s native birds and animals. It is such a fantastic place!

Manukura is the only white kiwi in the world to be born in captivity and is incredibly well cared for at the centre. She has two huge indoor enclosures all to herself! Also, the reason she looks pink in the photo above is because of the infrared lights used in the enclosures – which kiwis can’t see so it looks like complete darkness to them. I was also able to take the above photo without using a flash. We were the only people to visit her during that time, and she kept coming right up to the glass to eat lots of lovely worms. She even has her own Facebook page so it pretty famous!

A rare and friendly kokako

A rare and friendly kokako

We spent most of our time with Manukura but also walked the grounds and saw other brilliant rare and endangered birds. Our favourite was definitely the kokako – which is a very rare bird, but also a very friendly one! Apparently he is famous for his wolf-whistles if he likes you and he must have liked us because when we visited he kept on whistling. It was really funny! He kept moving constantly so was hard to photograph but I managed to get one. We also enjoyed seeing the baby tuatera they have there too.

Definitely one of our best expereinces in NZ – as we love kiwis so much and having seen lots of brown ones during our time here we feel complete now we have finally seen the amazing Manukura!

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13 thoughts on “An amazing visit to see Manukura the white kiwi!

  1. orijinalchris

    awww… that infra-red picture is so damned cute! (:

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  3. That was a treat to see the white kiwi and the kokako.

    • It really was! We felt so lucky and that will stay with us for a long time.

      • As is usually the case, you have seen so much more of New Zealand than I have!

      • We are so fortunate to be spending a year in your incredibly beautiful country, so we really have travelled almost everywhere and have so many special favourite places. Christchurch is the last place we will visit as are spending a few days there before we fly out back to the UK in August x

      • Good to leave it till last. Parts of it are hard on the eyes but it will all look much better in early springtime.

      • We feel that will be the case, but we think it is important to visit and see it, as it is such an important part of what New Zealand is and is about today.

      • And you have also seen Napier and know how a city can recover after devastation.

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  5. Julie

    Hi there, so glad you enjoyed visiting Manukura. We saw her a year ago but she was curled up asleep the whole time we were there. Are you aware there have been two more white kiwis born at Pukaha since Manukura? For some reason they get a lot less attention than she does and they have both been released out with the rest of the kiwis.

    • Thanks for stopping by Julie 🙂 We absolutely loved our visit! We were really lucky I think as she was really active. No I didn’t know there have been two more born. Manukura was just so unique at the time so she is most well known I guess!

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