It’s nearly time for our Australian adventure!

The three of us at Coldplay back in Nov 2012

The three of us at Coldplay back in Nov 2012

So we have been in New Zealand since last September and are due to fly home to the UK in August – to complete our year working and travelling over here. Before we go home though we have got some really amazing adventures left to come. 🙂

One of these is a trip to Australia – for which we leave this coming Wednesday. We were very lucky to visit Australia back in 2006 on a round the world trip and spent time in Sydney (which we loved) and had an incredible adventure on Fraser Island. We decided that being so close to Oz it would be the perfect time to return, and to visit my big sister (Kat) and her boyfriend (Darren) who live in a flat in beautiful Manly and we will be staying with them both at the start and end of our adventure. We haven’t seen my sister since Christmas (when we had a lovely family Christmas in Queenstown with my parents who flew over from the UK), so thought it would be a great chance to spend some time with them and see some more of Sydney’s amazing sights. We also had a wonderful time when Kat visited us from Oz back in November when the three of us when we to see Coldplay together – which was incredible!

We have planned a trip up to the Blue Mountains all together the first weekend we are in Oz – and can’t wait as have never been and Kat and Darren have promised to show us the highlights 🙂 In the couple of weeks that follow me and John head off by ourselves to drive the Great Ocean Road, see Melbourne and to spend 9 days in Tasmania seeing the amazing scenery and wildlife. We will end our Oz adventure with more time with my sister and Darren in Sydney.

We are really excited about the next chapter in our amazing adventure and can’t wait for it to start! 🙂

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