Amazing koalas in the wild on the Great Ocean Road


I have written my two posts about the incredible Great Ocean Road (days 1 and 2, and day 3) and have decided to write separately about the amazing sight of seeing koalas in the wild. As much as we love seeing animals in wildlife parks and zoos (ones that take good care of animals) there is something really special about seeing animals in the wild in their natural environment.

On two occasions on the Great Ocean Road in Australia we were lucky enough to do just that!

The first time was near the Kennet River (about halfway between the towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay). For those wanting to try and spot them we put Grey River road (Kennet River) into our sat nav and it took us there. We just then drove up this road for about 1-2kms and found them high up in the trees. They were pretty high up in the trees, but we could still see them and I used the awesome zoom lens on my camera to get some shots. Here is one of my favourites:

Koala near Kennet River

Koala near Kennet River

We saw about 7 of them up in the trees and they did take a bit of looking for, but was just so worth it. They were just adorable!

The next day, we were lucky enough to see yet more koalas in the wild – this time on Lighthouse road heading to Cape Otway lighthouse. These ones were about 8kms down this road and much lower in the trees this time. As I have said previously you will usually see other cars that have stopped looking for them – so make sure you park up safely off the road before you go off exploring. We saw about 25-30 koalas this time – dotted all over the trees by the side of the road. I have included a gallery of some more photos I took of them at the bottom of this post. Most of them were quite low down this time and we could just watch them. Some were sleeping (one hanging precariously above the road!) as below:

Koala hanging on

Koala hanging on

And others were up and about eating and moving about the trees. I managed to get one of my favourite shots of them just as one koala woke up and looked right at me:

Amazing koala in the wild

Amazing koala in the wild

I will leave you with his sweet fluffy face – as we were left with such amazing memories of these beautiful creatures in the wild 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Amazing koalas in the wild on the Great Ocean Road

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  4. Beautiful Photos. We saw at least 30 koalas the first time we drove to Cape Otway Lightstation, was absolutely amazing. I grew up in the Otways yet never knew there were that many koalas at Cape Otway. I’m pretty sure they’re seen as pests because the population size is unsustainable in that region.

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you like the photos. The koalas are amazing aren’t they?! 🙂 We read about them while we were there and the info, rather than saying they were pests, mentioned that there aren’t enough eucalyptus trees to feed them all and sustain them – which is a shame as they are lovely.

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