A brief stay in Melbourne



Thurs 4th July – Sat 6th July AM: Melbourne

Free wooden tram

Free wooden tram

We had a brief stay in Melbourne – in between finishing the Great Ocean Road (see my previous posts here and here) and our trip to Tasmania. We made the most of our time there, while also recovering from a very busy few days on the road previously.

We awoke on Thursday morning in Port Campbell and took the inland drive back to Avalon airport. Here we took the bus into the centre of Melbourne and checked into our lovely city centre apartment at City Tempo.

Museum of Moving Image

Museum of Moving Image

During our time in Melbourne we were blessed with lovely sunny weather which was great 🙂 We took the free wooden tram, which was pretty busy (jam-packed in fact), but it was an experience. We visited the Melbourne Museum, which was interesting in parts – mainly the Australian history. We also went to the Melbourne Museum of Moving Image which was free and really interesting! We explored the area which looked at the history of tv, film, the internet etc. I especially loved the sections on Neighbours! We also spent some time at Federation square which is a bustling meeting place, and took a walk through some of the parks.

Federation Square

Federation Square

I must admit that as much as we enjoyed our time in Melbourne I still prefer cities like Sydney and Auckland, which just have a little more about them! No offence to anyone who lives in Melbourne or is from there, but I was just struggling with what was ‘special’ about Melbourne. Yes, it is a beautiful city and has a great mix of old and new buildings, some beautiful buildings, and very pretty parks, but I guess I just wasn’t feeling it – I was missing that special quality or spark that in my opinion cities like Sydney have.

Anyway, our Melbourne adventure was soon over, and our Tasmania one was soon to begin! Stay tuned for tales of amazing wildlife, stunning scenery and beaches and an unforgettable time in the snow.

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