Tasmania (Days 3 and 4): Coles Bay and Binalong Bay


Mon 8th July and Tues 9th July: Coles Bay and Binalong Bay

Us at Kelvedon beach

Us at Kelvedon beach

Our amazing Australian adventure continues! And we are in the wonderful state of Tasmania. So after a great first few days we were back on the road after leaving Port Arthur. We took the drive up to Coles Bay where we were staying next. We stopped at a beautiful beach along the way called Kelvedon beach. As with many beaches in Tasmania it was really easy to access – park by the side of the road and walk a short distance to the beach – and also completely deserted! The weather was yet again completely perfect which made us really happy 🙂 And we enjoyed our time at this lovely beach.

Cape Tourville walk

Cape Tourville walk

With a few stops the drive took us nearly all day (after a few hours in the morning at Port Arthur), so we arrived at Coles Bay late afternoon. We headed to the visitor centre and purchased our national park pass. It was quite a new thing to us that you have to pay to enter the national parks in Oz. In NZ for example everything is free! In Tassie you can see at certain places the money goes towards certain things (for example the shuttle bus in Cradle Mountain, more about that later), but it still feels a little strange paying to see the scenery! Still, we chose the holiday pass which for $60 gave us entrance to all the national parks in Tasmania.

Bushy Beach

Bushy Beach

We worked out we would be visiting 4 so it made sense to buy this and saved money! Park pass bought we were quickly losing daylight and as anyone who visits Tassie will know or should do you should never drive after dark. Unfortunately we saw loads of road kill driving around – which were clearly victims of this. Many of the roads have a significantly reduced speed limit between dawn and dusk to try and help with this road kill problem, but we were still really keen not to drive at night – as didn’t want to risk hurting any of the lovely animals.

The Hazards

The Hazards

We headed for Cape Tourville and took the easy walk to the lighthouse. We also caught a distant glimpse of the famous Wineglass Bay. It was a nice walk, and the the positioning of the sun created a beautiful light on the surrounding rocks. We also had a great view of the Hazard mountains as we drove around this area. We also stopped at Bushy beach with its beautifully red rocks, and took a walk to the beach near the visitor centre just as the sun was disappearing. We headed to our accommodation for the night – a holiday house in Coles Bay – after a great day.

On Denison beach

On Denison beach

On Tuesday we awoke early and got on the road as soon as it was light enough to drive. On the way we stopped at another gorgeous beach called Denison beach – where the sand was beautifully white, and it was just lovely.

We were really excited to be heading north as were going to East Coast Nature World to see lots of lovely wildlife. I will write separately about our amazing animal adventures here in my next post 🙂 After an incredible visit we carried on our road trip north and soon arrived in Binalong bay.

Binalong Bay sunset

Binalong Bay sunset

We checked into Bay of Fires Character Cottages where we stayed in the Deluxe cottage which had the most amazing view of the beach from the balcony and living room! It was absolutely beautiful. We walked down to the beach and spent time wandering along and enjoying yet more great weather. We also watched the sunset from the balcony which looked stunning – and we felt so lucky to have such a great view!

Binalong bay sunrise

Binalong bay sunrise

The following morning before heading off to Cradle Mountain we walked down to the beach just as the sun was rising and took some photographs. The sun looked amazing as it was peaking through the trees and the sun’s rays stretched right up into the sky – it was simply beautiful! Once light enough to drive again we were leaving the east coast behind after a fantastic few days! Tassie really is just a truly amazing place 🙂

Happy in Tassie :)

Happy in Tassie

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  2. mykombiandi

    So beautiful. I will have to get down to Tassie one day. Love your blog.

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