Tasmania Day 5: The road to Cradle Mountain and ‘that’ crazy shortcut

Kangaroo in the wild

Kangaroo in the wild on the road to Cradle Mountain

St Columba Falls

St Columba Falls

Whilst not a post heavy on scenic photographs I still thought the road to Cradle Mountain warranted its own post. To carry on the tale of our Tasmania adventure, after we left beautiful Binalong Bay (see one of my previous posts for photos) we were heading for Cradle Mountain. Our first stop on the road was St Columba Falls – which are approx 30 minutes drive west of St Helens., and at 90m high is the highest waterfall in Tasmania. A short walk from the car park (mostly downhill going there) takes you to the foot of the falls which were pretty spectacular! The positioning of the sun made taking a great photo a little tricky but I got one which is ok. It was brilliant to just stand and watch the powerful waterfall rush and flow cascading down the rocks in front of us. It was definitely worth the trip.

Next up we needed to head back to the main road to get across to Launceston and then on to Cradle Mountain. We had a detailed map of Tasmania we had purchased before our trip and noticed there were a few minor roads which linked up with the main road much further on – as opposed to going all the way back to the A3 and all the way round the top. Now, we have taken a few shortcuts in the past that have worked out well (and a few that perhaps haven’t!), but we thought long and hard as to whether this would be a good idea – and decided it was. The main reason we decided this is because this route took us past a tourist site – Ralph Falls – and we thought that the road couldn’t be that bad if it passed this place – we were WRONG! Anyone reading this who may have driven this road may feel differently and feel that this road was no trouble – but in all our experience of all the crazy roads we have ever driven (including some very crazy ones in Iceland and New Zealand) this was officially the worst!! We (rather naively perhaps) thought that any roads unsuitable for normal cars would have ‘4WDs only’ signs, so proceeded even when the road started to get very rough. And when I say rough I don’t mean gravel, or stones, I mean small boulders!! What vehicle were we in you ask? No, not a Monster truck, not even a dinky Rav 4, but a Hyundai i20! And a white one (which wasn’t white at the end of the trip I might add!). Our car most definitely should not have been driving on this road. This was compounded when the only other vehicle we met was in fact some version of a monster truck. 🙂 The problem was, once we had started heading down this road it became more difficult to turn around the further we went – of course we should have turned around as soon as it became tricky! The other disconcerting thing was that our sat nav refused to recognise the route we were going, which made us worry slightly that this could in fact be a road to nowhere. We did genuinely believe we were going to break the car, and for almost the whole journey (which lasted for a few hours) we had no phone signal, and as such would not have been able to call for help had we broken down. Maybe it is the kiwi spirit which has been installed in us over the last 10 months but we didn’t row, we didn’t shout, we were both really calm and kept reassuring each other the whole time it would be ok (when we had no idea it would!). The main reason that we were ok was down to the incredible driving skills of my husband John who somehow managed to avoid every large boulder and large pot hole that got in our way, and negotiate tight corners with steep drops below. He did amazingly!

The one saving grace of a completely crazy shortcut was that we were lucky enough to see two lovely kangaroos in the wild, whilst in the middle of nowhere. The two kangaroos just hopped out in front of the car and I managed to grab my small camera (without the large zoom, but never mind!) and take a quick shot – as you will see above.  We were delighted to see them! We also felt a little that they were possibly thinking ‘what on earth is this car doing out here’?!

So, as I am writing this you know we survived and aren’t still stuck out there! Definitely a memorable part of our amazing Australian/Tasmanian adventure – but not a journey we would like to repeat!!

Oh, and it was the C428 heading west from Columbia Falls towards Ringarooma – for anyone interested in avoiding it in future! 🙂

Our cosy cabin in the snow was waiting

Our cosy cabin in the snow was waiting

Cradle Mountain was calling, and after a brief stop in Launceston for food shopping we headed on. We took the recommended route via Deloraine and Sheffield (via the B13 and B14) and finally on to Cradle Mountain. As we drew closer we spotted snow had fallen in this area, and was either side of the road – it looked so pretty. Excitedly, we pushed on and soon arrived at our accommodation surrounded by lots of snow – the beautiful Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cottages, where a warm and cosy cabin heated by a lovely log fire awaited. But that story is for another day! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tasmania Day 5: The road to Cradle Mountain and ‘that’ crazy shortcut

  1. I can relate – we were crazy enough years ago to take a short cut that became terrifying – but survived! Even the dog was scared!

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