A brief stopover in Singapore and the end is nigh . . .

View from our balcony

View from our balcony

The last part of our amazing year away had come – a stopover in Singapore on the way back to the UK from New Zealand. For anyone who is a regular reader of my blog you will know both myself and my husband, John, have had THE most incredible year in New Zealand. We have also been lucky enough to spend a month in Australia (travelling the Great Ocean Road, visiting amazing Tasmania (in particular the incredible Cradle Mountain) and spending time with my sister in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and two weeks on the stunningly beautiful island of Aitutaki deep in the South Pacific Ocean.

August 27th – the date had arrive for us to leave our beloved New Zealand. We departed from Christchurch (such a lovely airport) and flew with Singapore Airlines to Singapore. The flight passed pretty quickly and we were soon in Singapore. Stepping off the plane the strong heat and humidity hit! We had visited Hong Kong before so knew what to expect, but it still gives you a good shock! We had arranged for a car to collect us from the airport and take us to our lovely hotel (the luxurious Pan Pacific – we had splashed out). On checking in we were given an upgrade to a room with a view of the city and water – it was lovely.

The Flyer

The Flyer

We spent the next few days recovering from a little bit of jet lag and exploring the wonderful city state of Singapore. We were dazzled by the high rise buildings and super-modern malls. We spent time at the National Museum of Singapore, and took a trip on the Singapore Flyer for amazing views of the city. We also spent a couple of hours (in the crazy heat!) at a wonderful hidden gem of a place called Haw Par Valley. I had received a recommendation from a friend of the family that I should visit this place – so we took the MRT (for those who have visited London, think uncrowded/clean/cold-air-filled version of the tube!) on a fairly long journey from Promenade station (the nearest to our hotel) to the station at Haw Par Villa.

The amazing Haw Par Villa!

The amazing Haw Par Villa!

On arriving we knew we were in for something special as the decoration that filled the entrance was amazing! The ‘Your Singapore’ website says it is “like no other place in the world” and they aren’t wrong! The whole place is adorned with rather ageing statues and dioramas telling the stories of various Chinese legends and folklore. It is classified as a ‘historical’ theme park – and in my opinion has much charm!! Loads of the statues were just so random – such as the pictured crazy rat with a gun!

Our favourite part – and not for the fainthearted – was called the ‘Ten courts of hell’ which tells the stories of various scenes of punishment and reincarnation. The statues were pretty graphic and have been known to scare young children – and as such I will not be posting them here – but think gruesome statues depicting scenes such as being sliced in half and killed on a bed of nails (just to name a few!). If you really wish to see photos then take a look here as this website documents it well. It was actually a fascinating place! Soon the heat became too much for us, and after exploring as much of the park as we could, we left. Definitely an off-the-beaten track gem as we only saw a couple of other people in the whole park whilst we were there.

In Singapore Pizza Hut

In Singapore Pizza Hut

We also enjoyed a couple of trips to good old Pizza Hut (yes a favourite of mine) – which tasted pretty nice! We also discovered we could get to the restaurants and mall without leaving our hotel – we had a special entrance and such avoided the crazy heat which was a real plus!

August 30th was soon upon us and the time had arrived for us to leave Singapore and fly back to the UK. We took a taxi from our wonderful hotel to the airport, and after a slight blip from Singapore Airlines (try arriving early to check in and being told our flight was full and we were going to be put on one over 12 hours later!! I wasn’t having any of it though and in true ‘Kinnie spirit’ I soon had them telling us we could fly on our original flight and printing our boarding passes 🙂 ) we were all checked in and waiting at the airport. We knew my parents would be meeting us the other side at Heathrow and we were really looking forward to seeing them as had missed them lots.

As we sat waiting to depart our minds took us back to our truly incredible year. We had seen and done so much more than we had ever dreamed off – and had so many amazing experiences. It really had been the most amazing New Zealand adventure! As I said on our last post our year away has really changed us, and we plan to take this with us on onwards in our journey through life – wherever it may take us.

What is next? Who knows, but I am excited to find out!

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4 thoughts on “A brief stopover in Singapore and the end is nigh . . .

  1. Hope you’re enjoying being back in the UK, Nicola.

    • Thanks Hayley. It is certainly different being back and we do miss New Zealand! But we are enjoying being back thanks and it is great spending time with family and friends we missed lots. 🙂

  2. Singapore looks great!

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