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Brazilian Travel Blog Feature

Brazilian Travel Blog FeatureI was approached a few weeks back by Larissa and Carlos – a couple from Brazil who are currently living in New Zealand. They run a brilliant travel blog and mentioned they planned to write an article covering different points of view from other bloggers all over the world who live or have lived in New Zealand. They were interested in what people liked most about New Zealand and what they thought was unique about New Zealand. I thought it was a wonderful idea so wrote my contribution and they included it in their post. They are Brazilian and the majority of their readers are Brazilian so it is written in Portuguese (find the original English version below). I have posted a small screenshot from the article here and Google Translate tells me the article is called “The New Zealand by the sight of 6 travel blogs from around the world” and as I don’t speak Portuguese I have to trust the translation!”. Take a look!

Here is the English translation:

“When you think of New Zealand, it evokes images of stunning snow-capped mountains, beautiful turquoise lakes, deep and majestic fjords and the rolling hills of Middle Earth – and it truly is all of that, and so much more.

New Zealand is an incredibly unique country – and not only its variety of stunningly beautiful landscapes, but also their accessibility, are very appealing. Almost all roads in New Zealand lead somewhere truly special, and there is an adventure waiting around every corner.

Living in New Zealand was a wonderful and memorable experience – made that extra bit special by the overwhelmingly friendly Kiwi people. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I loved their laid-back and relaxed attitude. In fact on moving back to the UK after living over in New Zealand, I often tell myself to ‘Be Kiwi’: to relax and not stress about things in my everyday life.

New Zealand has taught me a different way of thinking and I have a new-found appreciation for everything and everyone around me. New Zealand is simply ‘Sweet As’ as the Kiwis say, and I wouldn’t change a thing about this truly amazing country.”

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